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Welcome to the Land Ambulance Transition Web site library area, where relevant documents are kept for period of up to 2 years (documents still relevant, important, and not obsolete in any way are kept for more than 2 years).

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Documents listed but NOT LINKED can be acquired by contacting the Webmaster

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Ambulance Manufacturer/Supplier Certification Listing V.5.0 (rev Oct 2015) (pdf 62KB)
Ambulance Preventative Maintenance Schedules (sample) - Rev Jan 2013 (pdf 52KB)
Ambulance Service Certification Request Form (pdf 48KB)
Ambulance Service ID Application Form October 2014 (pdf 96KB)
Ambulance Services Lexicon (pdf 489KB)

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Canadian Community Health Survey 2014 - Body Weight (pdf34KB)

Canadian Community Health Survey 2014 - Height (pdf28KB)
City of Toronto Emergency Services

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Dedicated Nurses to Receive Ambulance Patients Initiative (2008/09) (pdf15KB)

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Generic Performance Agreement (pdf 54KB)
Generic Request for Proposal (RFP) (pdf 76KB)
Government Mobile Communications Project (GMCP) - Summary Status, System Design & Operational Features - Jun 2002 (pdf 18KB)

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Inspections Protocol - Sep 2002 (pdf 23KB)
Invoicing Process for Emergency Health Services (pdf 9KB)

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Land Ambulance Services for First Nations Communities (pdf 11KB)

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Medical Equipment Procurement Considerations (pdf 16.9 KB)

Manuals/Guides :
Ambulance Call Report Form Completion Procedures Manual - Jun 2003
Prehospital CTAS Paramedic Guide, v.2.0
Prehospital CTAS Field Reference Guide, v.1.0
CTAS Participant Manual – Summer 2001 (v.1.0)
Infection Prevention and Control Best Practices Manual for Land Ambulance Paramedics v.1.0 - March 2007

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News Release - Ontario Invests $32.5M To Improve Ambulance Response Times (pdf 41KB)

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Occupational Exposures to Selected Communicable Diseases, Preventing and Assessing (pdf 3.8MB)
Ontario Government Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Service (OGPMSS) (pdf 32KB)

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Patient Movement Record 014-7592-45 (pdf 26KB)
Prehospital Emergency Care Syllabus
Principles of Core Training Delivery and Policy June 2002 (pdf 10 KB)

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Red Light Camera System Processing Centre Protocol for Police, Ambulance and Fire Vehicles (pdf 15KB)
Radio Equipment, Repair/Replacement of Damaged/Destroyed (pdf 188KB)
  For more information, please contact Rick Smiles at 416-327-7882

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Standards :
Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards, Version 3.3 (Comes into force February 1, 2016)
Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards Version 3.1
Air Ambulance Certification Standards - June 2008 (pdf 35KB)
Ambulance Service Communicable Disease Standards, Version 2.0
Basic Life Support Patient Care Standards Version 2.0 January 2007
Land Ambulance Certification Standards - June 2008 (pdf 37KB)
Ontario Ambulance Documentation Standards - April 2000
Ontario Provincial Land Ambulance & Emergency Response Vehicle Standards Version 5 September 2012 (Rev Nov 2013) (pdf 278KB)
Patient Care & Transportation Standards October 2007
Provincial Equipment Standards for Ontario Ambulance Services Version 2.3 (Comes into force February 1, 2016)
Provincial Equipment Standards for Ontario Ambulance Services Version 2.1 Nov 2013

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Telecommunications - Fact Sheet - Revised May 25, 2005 (pdf 38KB)
Tritech Web site for more information on the ARIS II project and the Tritech software systems products

Training Bulletins :
No.116. V.1.0 Child in Need of Protection Standard
No.115. V.1.0 Ambulance Service Communicable Disease Standards
No.114.V.4.0 Ebola Virus Disease
No.113, V.1.0 Field Trauma Triage and Air Ambulance Utilization Standards
No.112. V.1.0 Excited Delirium
No.111, V.1.0 Deceased Patient Standard
No.110. V.1.0 Revised Paramedic Prompt Card for Acute Stroke Protocol - February 2011
No.109. V.1.0 Penetrating Chest Injuries
No.108. V.1.0 Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Standard
No.107. V.1.0 Contact Precautions for Enteric Diseases
No.106. V.1.0 Summary of Major Revisions BLS Standards
No.105. V.1 Personal Medical Information Programs and Products
No 101. V.14.0 Influenza Educational Review 2015-2016

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