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What's New?

Welcome to the Ontario Ambulance Services Web site "What's New?" area. This page will announce any recent news and events related to the transition of land ambulance services from the provincial government to the municipal level of government. New documents and areas featured on this Web site will also be announced here.


Land Ambulance Financial Information Return 2014 (xls 192KB)


"For PARAMEDICS" page on the website -- This page will display materials related to paramedic practice. Past versions of Standards, etc. will be moved into the Archive when no longer active.


Prehospital CTAS Paramedic Guide, v.2.0


Prehospital CTAS Field Reference Guide, v.1.0


No.114.V.3.0 Ebola Virus Disease


Ambulance Manufacturer/Supplier Certification Listing - rev. October 2014 (pdf 61KB)

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